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10 Frank 2. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. This tension between reason represented by Obatala and Aganju would form the foundation of Sango’s particular character and nature. Sango was a royal ancestor of the Yoruba as he was the third king of the Oyo Kingdom.

I uh, kinda made a gift for you-(Better eat yo water! ) His reign ended due to his inadvertent destruction of his palace by lightning, Shango is one of the most worshipped god in the worldSango was a brave monarch and warrior, In the present,he is fused with either Saint Barbara or Saint Jerome. 27 Goofy 0. -I don’t do request (too many bad experiences), -I might do commissions if it’s legit and within my artistic skills, -Tumblr link:, Hey Afro i just wanna say that our birthday’s are only 2 days apart lol, afrot im just im make a gift for you at last week, (oh my god, i didn't thought afro would like this random comment, thank you! Enter your e-mail address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. You can help Champions Online Wiki by expanding it. Unlike his peaceful brother Ajaka, he was a powerful and violent ruler. We offer the best service in town with the best available options for you to have your car looking great. And we’ve seen movie adaptation of Thor. I prefer to draw things that I like and I like to try to add in a deeper meaning to the work so that it may tell a story while you look at it. In their bid to rescue Alaafin Ajaka, the Oyomesi sent for Sango.Sango, after the rescue of Ajaka was crowned King while Alaafin Ajaka was sent into exile. We also have an African God of thunder and lighting and he has numerous names but he’s formally addressed as Sango. Right now this fan comic is a great starting point for me to understand how making and posting a comic works and what is required to do so. Collins Casper African gods Feb 4, 2020 Feb 17, 2020. Afro Ways. Please visit our sponsor Bossman Brand Beard Oil is the best beard oil for all types of beard.

Aganju, the ferryman and god of fire, refused him passage so Obatala retreated and turned into a woman and traded his/her body for passage (this would later become a conspiracy theory about homosexuality existing even in the days of old). This would be in fear of Gbonka finding out that Sango only wanted him dead. 15 AIM | Brother Quang 2. Cape Town, Steenberg Village Afro is a very charismatic boxer who draws the crowds in not because of his boxing prowess but because of his style and showmanship. Reply. We also offer various add on services such as Windscreen Chip Repair, Headlight Restoration, Odor Removal, Dent Removal and Window Tint installation.
New comic post this Monday! Thunder Brothers Car Wash operates Car Wash & Valet Service Centers in Claremont, Steenberg & V&A Waterfront. 8 Quicksilver 0 46.

In another story, Sango is the son of Aganju and Obatala.

26 Sheen 1 40. I hope to make more cool stories in the future and possibly make a living off of it. Come in and see us, you’ll be glad you did. We understand that accidents and spills can happen in your day to day driving. All come with a Mini Valet. Outside Only Wash from R135 (includes windows & Tyres), High Definition Wax from R450 (includes Mini Valet), Interior Valet from R595 (includes Mini Valet), Headlight Restoration from R350 (for pair), Full Car Machine Buff R750 (removes fine scratches). We are proud that we have state of the art car cleaning equipment and fully trained staff to perform a meticulous and comprehensive hand wash & dry of your vehicle. This is the Lair,Hideout whatever you want to call it of Afro Thunder.

16 Gaymer 1. Hi I’m Aleah or as other people call me Afro (due to my username). Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Watch Queue Queue We offer the best service in town with the best available options for you to have your car looking great.

We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. MontClare PlaceCnr Main Rd & Campground RdClaremont, V&A Waterfront Afro Thunder is a member of Soccer Gaming. 1 like. Sango was said to have went in search of Aganju on which he had to throw himself into a lake of burning fire to prove his lineage.During the reign of Alaafin Ajaka, Oyo Empire was under a regular treat of war from Olowu, Ajaka’s cousin; who rules Owu Kingdom. His symbol is a double-headed axe, which represents swift and balanced justice.As he was the third Alaafin of the Oyo Kingdom prior to his posthumous deification. He was said to have left the palace to a high rock facing the palace in anger to re-affirm the potency of his thunderbolt and the thunder he created that day was said to have struck the palace and burnt it down to ashes. As created by the Baba-Mogba who knew the truth. ;w; ). We offer an interior valet that will leave your car like new. Seeing how powerful these two generals grew, Sango followed Oya’s advice to get rid of them and sent them to govern the border towns. 29 Faze 0 43.

13 Chomp 2 45. Right now I am currently working on a Just Shapes and Beats fan comic called “Close to Your Heart.” It’s a nice little story I’ve had in mind for a while now and I’m glad that I finally get to share with the public for everyone to enjoy. series, it features many characters with colorful personalities (i.e. This video is unavailable. I’m a digital and traditional artist who sometimes ventures into other forms of art mediums. Another faction said the name OBAKOSO or OLUKOSO is derived from the name of the place he won Gbonka to reign supreme.Known as the god of thunder,lightning. We also have an African God of thunder and lighting and he has numerous names but he's formally addressed as Sango Statue of Sango in Lagos Nigeria Sango was a royal ancestor of the Yoruba as he was… Skip to content. After a long persuasion, some of the chiefs went back as they approached an Ayan tree in a place called Koso with news that the king has hanged but that is stated to be a lie.Only a few of the Baba-Mogba who did not go back knew the truth which is that Sango was attacked by Gbonka. Seeing as he couldn’t finish his two threats at once, Sango ordered that Gbonka should be burnt to ashes. I like a lot of things but I really like saving the day. LETS F#&$ SOME S#!+ UP!!! During his reign, he had two generals: Timi Agbale Olofa-ina who could shoot arrows of fire and Gbonka who was equally powerful. So I'm going to be taking a break until this phase is over. We offer a host of services to add value to your wash & polish services. This article is a stub. ME AND MY FAMILY (REMIX) / (AFRO HIPHOP BEAT TEMPLE 84) / HOOK / Me and my brother, my mama and my sisters too / We de live our lifes de go, make no man put asunder (na thunder 31 Riley 2 39. Clock Tower / Silo Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is a boxing video game developed by Midway Studios San Diego, published by Midway Games in 1999 for the Dreamcast, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo 64.The success of the Dreamcast version led to it becoming one of the few Sega All Stars titles.. Like Nintendo's Punch-Out!! Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. We also offer tailor made services, car collection & delivery just ask us. It is made from carefully chosen organic ingredients to bring out the very best of your beard.
Menu Home; Afro God of thunder. afrot im just im make a gift for you at last week. ... Ok I'm back!

Afro tried out many other callings in life before finally landing in the boxing world. We’ve heard about Thor odinson the Norse God of thunder.

We have four different types of polish service on offer for different applications.

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