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Ares was just as fearsome in the scant descriptions of his appearance. Comment: Once you start gaining levels you will like to kill lower level players. The shamed pair went their separate ways, with Ares fleeing to his sanctuary in Thrace. The few surviving hymns to Ares address the masculine attributes of the god. Helios eventually caught wind of their secret trysts and alerted Hephaestus. Legend Of Ares has not been rated by our users yet. Free 3D MMO with great graphics that offers plenty of PvP action. Ares was a god that few loved and nearly all feared. It was initially added to our database on 10/30/2007. A righteous purpose mattered less to him than the violence and death of fighting itself, no matter what the cause. His name is the root of the word “martial,” the month “March,” and the name “Martin.”. The result is a god with much less archaeological evidence than most others. Like many 3D MMORPGs, it is a point and click game, where players can attack monsters (PvE) or other players (PvP), pick up items, and talk to NPCs for items and quests. Zeus was his father and put up with Ares for that reason.

I got a level 31 knight and realized that I could be playing better. Science-fiction MMO that gives you considerable freedom in space Eve Online. Ares is generally pictured with a spear, the standard weapon of a Greek footsoldier. Ares represented the more brutal aspects of war. Rome entered the Pax Romana, a period in which Rome itself and much of its territory enjoyed peace. Whether laying siege to another city-state or fighting off bandits and rivals at home, the Greeks saw violence as an inescapable and too often unavoidable part of life. Registration is open now, and testing server should be coming soon. Both the animation of the characters as well as the scenarios that we'll move around have well-developed graphics, even though they don't reach the same level as those of a commercial game. All Trademarks belong to the property of their respective owners. Wars were waged abroad to establish colonies or secure trade goods. Free 3D MMORPG with a very innovative class system. Very deep MUD with thousands of graphics that offers free play up to Level 100. Poseidon eventually convinced Hephaestus to release the couple by promising to take Ares’s punishment if the god of war misbehaved again. The Legend of Ares is a free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that will take us to a fantasy world in which we have to maintain the current state of peace or, on the other hand, cause chaos. I only got it about 2 days ago but so far it rocks! MMORPG intended primarily for younger audiences that is free to play and focuses on pets. Search. Popular MMO with cartoon graphics and several innovative features Ragnarock Online. Unlike his predecessor, Mars had many temples and identifiable images. This is in stark contrast to Athena, who was frequently held as Zeus’s favorite child. Author: Butters39 I have been in love with all things related to Mythology. You receive honor points from killing other players of rival nations and rival guilds. © Valve Corporation. Fantasy MMORPG where one player can rule over the entire game world. Yet, war is never a pleasant thing. Legend Of Ares has not been rated by our users yet. Players get honor points for killing players of a rival nation or guild. Kingdom of Loathing Space Cowboy Online Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Guild Wars Factions The one exception to this was in Sparta. Face of Mankind Take a look at a MMORPG with cartoon-style graphics that is free to download and play. They chose, instead, to associate him with barbarians from foreign lands. Hesiod described him as burning, such a deep shade of red that he appeared to be covered in blood before battle had even begun. The higher your ranking in your nation the bigger your bonus. Guild Wars When Hera sat on the gilded throne he had sent her, she was bound to the seat with invisible shackles. Free 3D MMORPG with a very innovative class system. Although Ares was not representative of Greek ideals, he did personify some traits that they held in high regard. My work has also been published on Buzzfeed and most recently in Time magazine. Unlike his half-sister, Ares was not known for inventing the tools of war and defense. Once we have created our character, we'll have the chance to complete a tutorial in which we will be able to learn the movements and basic options of the game, something that can be very useful if you aren't very used to this kind of game.

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