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12 épisodes 82 épisodes 13 épisodes 13 épisodes Nejima Yukari, 15 ans, a des sentiments pour Takasaki Misaki. Elle aborde dans cett. Cinnamon volunteers to participate when she finds out it's about her and Maple's favorite childhood show, so she recruits Maple to join her. The fourth match is a relay race between the two teams, though Coconut and Azuki also end up disqualified right before the finish line. The pair wind up back where they first met and find a business card tucked away in Cacao's hat that has a map that leads home. Azuki and Maple teach outdoor safety, Coconut teaches about containing feline instincts, and Cinnamon teaches about natural human behavior, though each teacher has humorous issues of their own subject. They pick out a suit for the kitten, as well as buy her a large inflatable tuna to play with. After work, as Cinnamon and Maple are about to leave, they notify Kashou that they left some tuna for him and his nekos to enjoy. Shigure decides to prepare Chocola and Vanilla for the exam and teaches them what they need to know. Maika commence à travailler dans un café qui catégorise ses employées en fonction de leur caractère ou de leur apparence. The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History's Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants | Regardez avec votre essai gratuit de 14 jours, Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World, The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History's Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants. Chiyo, the young girl Cacao befriended while they were lost together, invites the kitten to come over to her house to play. In order to fully enjoy the summer heat, the family nekos decide to head to the beach to have fun. In order to get the pair to fight in full force, Kashou and Shigure develop a sports competition with the whole neko family. 12 épisodes After visiting the rides and a haunted house, the group encounters a sing-along stage play. After some initial stumbles, they pass the test and earn their bells. • Répondre • Citer. C'est la cérémonie d'entrée au lycée Sakuragaoka. Sur le point de les renvoyer, il finit par céder devant leurs suppliques et tient la boutique avec elles. Un jour, il reçoit un carton en provenance de sa famille : dedans, deux chats à forme humaine, Chocola et Vanilla. 24 épisodes Afin de se voir attribuer une recommandation spéciale et ainsi obtenir une bourse universitaire, il doit donner des cours particuliers à ses camarades de classe qui peinent à préparer les examens d’entrée. Meanwhile, Kashou's younger sister Shigure and the rest of the family nekos prepare for their daily routine as well, which involve Azuki and Coconut clashing and arguing while Cinnamon and Maple head to work at the bakery. As a reward, Shigure brings them wherever they want for the rest of the day, including a temple festival and to a bunch of cafes to learn to make La Soleil even better. As the storm brews, the power goes out, and footsteps begin to sound near the front door of the house. One summer morning, Shigure wakes up not her usual cheerful self, which worries the family nekos. After tirelessly searching, Chocola finds the kitten in the park where they first met, and the kitten explains that she went looking for Chocola and missed her. Wanting to help, Cacao runs around outside and begins to leave business cards in local mailboxes, but ends up getting lost. Some time later, as Shigure prepares for dinner, the family nekos can't seem to find the kitten. Sakuta Azusagawa, un lycéen qui étudie près d’Enoshima, rencontre plusieurs jeunes filles souffrant du syndrome de la puberté. [9] The ending theme for Nekopara Extra is Symphony by Luce Twinkle Wink☆. [4] The campaign ended on Kickstarter on February 11, 2017, and raised US$963,376 from 9,322 backers,[5] however, was extended in order to reach the final stretch goal. They begin trading stories to pass the time, with each one having something to do with their personal tendencies, such as Cinnamon always having perverted thoughts. Un drôle de père est la première série à succès de Yumi Unita, une des auteurs issues de la nouvelle vague du manga pour femmes. They all arrive at the beach, Shigure and Kashou included, and enjoy their fun in the sun. Content de voir qu'il n'y a pas que des femmes en maillot de bain qui ce font tripoter par un poulpe à la plage, même si on les a vue en sous-vêtement avant. It starts snowing and they all go outside, playing and talking of celebrating Christmas every year. Le syndrome de la puberté : phénomènes anormaux qui, selon la rumeur qui circule sur le net, sont causés par la sensibilité et l’instabilité ressenties lors de l’adolescence. La déesse Rista appelle un héros à la rescousse afin de sauver son monde qui ressemble à un jeu en mode super difficile. They go out and try to advertise the bakery to bring in customers, and with Maple and Cinnamon's aid, attract a lot more patrons to the bakery. 23 épisodes 1/ Nekomonogatari Shiro - 5 épisodes 2/ Kabukimonogatari - 4 épisodes Bénéficiez des fonctionnalités avancées sur la plateforme en créant votre compte ou en vous connectant à l'aide du formulaire. "Battles Without Honor and Cat-Humanity!". Tout ce petit monde vit un quotidien de joie dans la pâtisserie aux côtés de quelques personnes qui viennent parfois prêter main-forte : Shigure, la petite sœur de Kashô, et ses chats Azuki, Maple, Cinnamon et Coconuts. 12 épisodes As the bakery staff prepare for their new day, Chocola lets the kitten play in her room while they work. While Kashou travels abroad and Shigure is hanging out with other neko fanatics, a storm blows through town as the family nekos house-sit for their departed masters. Coconut and Azuki arrive to help, but begin to try and one up each other to show who's a better big sister for the new kitten. La jeune fille se voit attribuer le rôle d’une serveuse sadique. The time has come for Chocola and Vanilla to renew their bell licenses and take the test again. Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart. During breakfast, the kitten vanished again and scurried beneath the table like an average house cat. Bénéficiez des fonctionnalités avancées sur la plateforme en créant votre compte ou en vous connectant à l'aide du formulaire. La jeune fille se voit attribuer le rôle d’une serveuse sadique. Leur rencontre sera le point de départ d'une histoire des plus chat-leureuses ! 12 épisodes Danmachi | Regardez avec votre essai gratuit de 14 jours. The third match is a box-resisting competition between Cinnamon and Maple, though both are disqualified. Après avoir quitté la pâtisserie traditionnelle japonaise tenue par sa famille durant des générations, Minazuki Kashô ouvre sa pâtisserie d'influence occidentale, La Soleil. Nekopara (Japanese: ネコぱら) is an anime series based on the visual novels developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project. Suddenly, while everyone is relaxing, Cacao is found riding her inflatable tuna and appears to be drifting out to sea. Installées au creux d’un arbre, il leur arrive parfois de se servir de feuilles comme de parapluie ou de porter oiseaux et insectes sur leur dos. En ouvrant ses cartons dans son nouveau Up next is a food-resisting match between Chocola and Vanilla, which also ends in a draw. After work, Shigure arranges for some local nekos looking for a home to live with the shop owner so that their shop is always lively, realizing that living with nekos makes life that much better. Chocola is notified and joins the other nekos to search around town. The opening theme for the OVA is "Baby→Lady LOVE" by Ray, while the ending theme is "▲MEW▲△MEW△CAKE" by Kotoko. [16] The series aired for 12 episodes. 12 épisodes This page was last edited on 16 August 2020, at 09:56. The next plan is to bring her closer to Kashou, who they think she misses since he left for his store. Dans ce monde coexistent non seulement les humains mais aussi les elfes, les bestians, les anges, les démons ainsi que toutes sortes d’ethnies mélangées. chouet' épisode de Nekopara . As the sun begins to set, the nekos promise to return to the beach when it's warmer and bring all their favorite foods with them. At the bakery, Chocola's constant worry regarding the new kitten causes her to continuously find herself in embarrassing situations, such as putting on her uniform backwards. Sous les cerisiers en fleur, Miou Aida fait la rencontre de Haruki Serizawa. Chocola and Vanilla wake up and prepare for the opening of the La Soleil bakery for Kashou Minaduki, their owner. When Shigure is forced to stay in a hotel due to the severity of the weather, the nekos must fend for themselves for the night. The final match is a massive cat-themed obstacle course set for Coconut and Azuki, and while it also ended in a draw, Azuki helped Coconut when she was about to fall. After learning that the young neko is homeless, Chocola brings her inside, but attempts to hide her presence from Kashou and Vanilla. Coconut and Azuki's fights seem to become more frequent, clashing both at home and at the bakery. Though the other family nekos are curious about their new guest, Shigure dismisses them and bathes the kitten and prepares her for bed. L'aî, Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious. Shigure, now out of her sadness, reveals that she was sad due to the nekos not sleeping with her due to the summer heat, but that their declarations of love cheered her up completely. L’histoire nous embarque dans le quotidien d’une nouvelle recrue du Matori, la brigade des stups du ministère de la Santé. 12 épisodes Tatsuya et Miyuki sont deux frère et sœur bien différents. The first match is a game of Twister between Coconut and Azuki, which ends in a draw. Worried, Chocola and Vanilla run out to try to find a doctor, but forget to bring their bells and are stopped by police. 2 • Répondre • Citer. After a few shenanigans, she retreats to the kitchen, only to be startled by Kashou when he drops a bowl onto the floor. Kashou rewards the pair by taking them to an amusement park and an aquarium.

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