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I have never been one to admire celebrities or religiously follow them on their social media platforms; their photos and videos were often distorted so heavily that the real person behind the social media outlet was lost. Learn more about Dearly Departed Tours. Beginning in 1953, a Topper television series had a healthy run of 78 episodes. Along with Bennett I crave a movie with her simply being adorable for 90 minutes. ), News From the Lake: DVD Release Dates Galore, The Month in Film: August 2012 | Journeys in Classic Film,, My Top 20 Favorite Films Reviewed in 2012 |, The TCM Top 10 for September 2017 | Journeys in Classic Film, Merrily We Live (1938) – Journeys in Classic Film, #97: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975 with Scott Michaels), #96: Interview With Actress Carroll Baker, #94: Marlene Dietrich, Grand Dame of Moviedom,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Reportedly, Roach initially wanted Fields for the title role in Topper and Jean Harlow for the female lead; while both were unavailable, it is now hard to imagine the resulting cast being improved upon. He found the perfect property in Thorne Smith's somewhat risqué 1926 novel The Jovial Ghosts. Visit our Patreon page. These toppers go on dry and seal color in, which works well for photo shoots that could be a bit more demanding on models. Take a jump to the left and a step to the right with our Halloween episode! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Meanwhile, George materializes and looks for Marion at the Topper home, where he tells Clara that she forced Topper away. He lost to Joseph Schildkraut's performance as Capt. Harlow was too ill to accept the role (she would die a month before the film's release), and Fields refused to accept the role. There is nothing I don't love about this lip topper, straight up. Topper effortlessly mixes screwball comedy with a heartfelt message about living life to the fullest and boasts hilarious performances from Cary  Grant, Constance Bennett, and Roland Young. The Kerbys then take Topper to their New York apartment, where he dances, then passes out from drinking. "Don't teeter, Topper." * 40% discount applies to select styles and colors only. it is really a sober and decent combination... Template Created By : They work amazingly well solo, but also do wonders on top of the lip color of your choice. Listen to episodes early, receive gifts, and more by becoming a Patron. This hairpiece is extra special! This particular lip topper is a perfect pick for people who need to get glittery to the point of decadence. For a while, I was a professional model. All Rights Reserved. Once you give it a whirl, you'll understand why. I love to experiment with these. Based on the novel by: Thorne Smith Bennett had been a major star during the early years of talking films in a series of confessional melodramas in which she had played fallen women forced to pay for their sins in glamorous gowns and meticulously designed apartments. "None of the other films of similar theme aroused more than mild enthusiasm among a small group who patronize the arty theatres and talk about pictures in terms of art expression....Effort to excuse the story's absurdities on the theory that the intent is farce comedy does not entirely excuse the production from severe rebuke. "My pet, resting's the sort of thing you've got to work up to gradually...very dangerous to rest all of a sudden." Topper, however, dreams of spontaneity; “What if I want to eat something different” when he sees the same food for breakfast; he’s not even allowed to run fast. The film establishes the Kerby’s as partying their way through life, indifferent to each other despite their love; Marion is having a conversation with herself as George sings. Grant is one actor where you can never have enough “favorite films” with him! Director: Norman Z. McLeod Seche Special Effects Toppers Since I last updated from that airport hotel, I had a bit of fun with friends, then joined Mr. K at his mom's condo in Illinois and spent several days helping him pack up things there (including his late father's dresser, which felt weird). Lime Crime might have actually been the first company to create lip topcoats specifically for photo shoots—and since then, their offerings have only gotten better. Topper awakens in his own bed and Clara goes to him, wearing the lace underpants. In 1979, ABC presented a television movie remake starring another married couple, Kate Jackson and Andrew Stevens. For quick drying I used Essence Quick Dry Spray ( read review. The 1939 Topper Takes a Trip reunited Bennett, Roland Young and Billie Burke, but Cary Grant, who had become a star partly as a result of the original's success, declined to participate. Rather than promoting one of his contract shorts directors, Roach brought in Norman Z. McLeod, who had already helmed such features as the Marx Brothers' Monkey Business (1931) and Horse Feathers (1932), and W. C. Fields' It's a Gift (1934). Let's do a little silent film 101 and who better to speak about the silent screen than historian Fritzi Kramer? Off-screen husband-and-wife Robert Sterling and Anne Jeffreys played the ghosts, with Leo G. Carroll as Topper. Strictly speaking, this is a lip topper that is really built for photo shoots. The fulcrum around which the plot runs is on Topper himself  (the film is named after him) as he discovers his freedom. To me, the group are infantilized due to complacency. Its been long that I have not done any nail post. Topper, himself, wants to value life (something the Kerby’s didn’t) and live, and the Kerby’s make him fairly miserable in the process. Wonder how those compare. Why TOPPER Is Essential When they die they’re just surprised that they aren’t in Heaven. SKU: Based on the novel The Jovial Ghosts by Thorne Smith The hitch is that Topper is the only one who can see them, making him look increasingly unhinged to those who only see him having agitated conversations with himself. by Frank Miller, The easiest part of the Topper shoot for Grant and Bennett was the many special effects scenes, which only required them to record their lines while special effects artists made the various items they moved, from fountain pens to a pair of frilly lace panties, appear to move on their own. But my big secret is, while I’m great at painting my nails basic colours, I’m actually terrible at nail art. Topper (1937) - What Good Deeds Have You Done? Glam up with Special effects Topper 11:34 AM. Many don’t let this opportunity pass and go hard on skincare, rigorously trying new routines and products to come out of quarantine with a better skin. Its success triggered a series of screwball comedies with a supernatural twist, including Turnabout (1940) and I Married a Witch (1942), both also based on Thorne Smith novels. In 1938, the Los Angeles Times provided a behind-the-scenes look at how Connie’s “ectoplasm” was made to appear and disappear. You can almost sense the film having been construed in a spirit of dizzily manic euphoria in a determination to throw off the social gloom of The Depression and celebrate people taking nothing at all, not even death, seriously. A production still for the film included actress Natalie Moorhead in the film, but she was not in the viewed print and her role May have been cut from the released film. This blog is the place where I unleash my passions. More notably, Thorne's story The Passionate Witch (published posthumously) was adapted for the screen as Rene Clair's I Married a Witch (1942) starring Fredric March as the mortal who marries a luminous young sorceress (Veronica Lake). Grant and Bennett, as actors, are amazing here. I’ve seen Bennett in As Young as You Feel, which I covered during My Month with Marilyn, but I don’t remember much about her, or the film, so I’m not counting it towards her Hall of Fame potential. I’m running through all three Topper films, so today’s repost looks at my original review. Young's physical performance is a delight, and never better than in a sequence in which he is drunkenly being carried through a hotel lobby by the invisible Kerbys. This hair topper arrives out of the box with a long, sweeping front or cut in bangs (as shown here on Raquel in the main image). Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a mummy if you had any fun getting that way, but --" Roland Young received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his performance in the picture. -- Young, as Cosmo Topper -- Billie Burke, as Mrs. Clara Topper, to Alan Mowbray, as the butler Marion also has the same child-like quality Grant has. Middle-aged New York banker Cosmo Topper's wife Clara insists that they live a staid, well-ordered existence, the complete antithesis of bank owners George and Marion Kerby, who live for fun and excitement. A policeman stops the commotion and takes Topper off to court where he is charged with drunken and disorderly conduct. and see more mods and special effects. "Oh, no, we cannot eat on an empty stomach!" The entire third act is devoid of Grant causing me to ask “where did he go?”  I don’t recall anyone mentioning where George/Grant is, Marion simply says he’s “drifted away.”  Around the hour and twenty mark George returns, but he is definitely relegated to the background. Given his background in comedy, a screwball comedy seemed the logical choice. Cast: Constance Bennett (Marion Kerby), Cary Grant (George Kerby), Roland Young (Cosmo Topper), Billie Burke (Mrs. Clara Topper), Alan Mowbray (Wilkins), Eugene Pallette (Casey), Arthur Lake (Elevator Boy), Hedda Hopper (Mrs. Grace Stuyvesant), Hoagy Carmichael (Himself). You really can't go wrong with any of the Vice Special Effects line; they all look great.

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